Stack Testing & CEMS Program Management

purpose of stack testing

  • Emissions testing for engineering study  
  • Comply with permit and/or federal requirements  
  • Meet performance test requirements
  • Performance test to confirm manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Identify/improve process efficiencies
  • Evaluate emissions control

Strata, LLC realizes that today’s business environment is both competitive and highly regulated. It takes a team of high-level professionals to keep companies in compliance to allow effective and efficient operations. With Strata’s expertise in Stack Testing and CEMS Program Management, we focus on all the intricacies of stack tests so our clients can rest assured knowing their projects are closely monitored, and risks are identified and immediately diminished.  

Due to federal permit requirements, Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) is an industrial necessity. A well-maintained CEMS can help evaluate the condition of the unit and provide uncomplicated and compliant reporting.  We will work with government agencies to ensure all compliance criterion are met while optimizing your operating performance.    

Strata’s proven capabilities will ease your mind knowing that your stack testing needs, from start to finish, are under control. Let Strata take care of your next stack test requirements and provide guidance for CEMS maintenance and QAQC.  


  • Review applicable Information Collection Request (ICR) letters; Permit-By-Rule (PBR), federal/state/local regulations, permit requirements; engineering improvements to identify the necessity for the stack testing.
  • Provide various support for stack tests, i.e., pre-test meetings, notifications to appropriate agencies, develop checklists for protocol, test schedule and data collection.
  • Develop RFP per permit, federal regulations, or engineering study requirements.
  • Review proposals/provide recommendations from qualitative and economic perspectives.
  • Provide step-by-step guidance on stack tests conducted.
  • Manage stack tests and troubleshoot issues to conform to test plan and compliance requirements.
  • Review and identify emissions limits and troubleshoot abnormal parameters with historical data.
  • Perform technical reviews of test reports to be submitted to the state/county and EPA. 


  • Review applicable federal regulations (Part 75, 60) and permit requirements to develop a CEMS QAQC program, identify the necessary periodic PMs for its maintenance plan, and develop QAQC procedures.
  • Develop and perform QAQC procedures, establish data control (daily calibration, CD and Linearity tests), audits (RATA and CGA), and maintenance (periodic and troubleshooting) for compliance demonstration of CEMS.
  • Support and train facility personnel in CEMS maintenance and QAQC programs.  
  • Perform periodic or scheduled audits to identify data deficiencies or provide assurance of continued compliance for CEMS.
  • Review DAHS emissions calculations and data replacement procedures.
  • Evaluate and troubleshoot the entire CEMS program (equipment, DAHS, data control, records, training, and QAQC manual).