Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) Services


Regulatory requirements can be intimidating and complex, so a reliable and experienced team of professionals is critical to your compliance success. Strata offers a wide range of services to help simplify this complexity and develop your roadmap to compliance. Strata specializes in creating custom compliance solutions based on your unique needs.  
A critical part of daily plant operations is monitoring fugitive emissions and the maintenance to meet environmental regulatory requirements. Strata’s team can help you navigate the requirements for your facility and be proactive in planning, monitoring, auditing and enforcing compliance to meet all applicable local, state and federal regulations. By evaluating your existing efforts, we will provide custom solutions and services necessary to make your LDAR processes and administration more efficient. In conjunction with Strata's other compliance services, we can create a worry-free compliance management system, ensuring that you are in compliance across the board.  


Technical & Database

  • Custom Reporting & Design
  • Emission Estimates  
  • Major LDAR Software (LeakDAS, Guideware, FEMS)
  • Manual Calculation Verification
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Database: Development, Management & Conversions
  • QA/QC Program Development

Field Services

  • Monitoring Schedule
  • Method 21 Monitoring
  • Comparative Monitoring
  • Tag Remediation Programs
  • Equipment Tagging & Inventorying
  • Tagging & Documenting  
  • HRVOC & Consent Decree Audits
  • P&ID Tag Audits  
  • Open-Ended Line Auditing & Resolution


  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Services
  • EPA & TCEQ Compliant Emission Calculations  
  • TCEQ 115D
  • Federal Regulation Compliance (CFR Title 40)
  • New Regulation Implementation
  • Rule & Regulatory Interpretation
  • Compliance & Tagging Audits  
  • Audit Readiness Assessment

Industries Served  

  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Chemical Plants (SOCMI)
  • Natural Gas Liquids
  • Natural Gas Plants
  • Renewable Fuel Plants