Investigation & Remediation Team



Kirk holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from Emporia State University.  He has over 20 years of field and project management experience in investigation and remediation at RCRA and CERCLA sites.    Mr. Boulanger began his career in investigation in downtown Wichita in the infancy of the Gilbert and Mosely site.  Since that time he has completed numerous investigation and remediation projects as a field geologist, technical advisor and project manager for clients in a variety of industries. 



Joseph is a graduate of Wichita State University with a degree in Geology. His experience includes Groundwater Monitoring, UST Trust Fund and Voluntary Cleanup Program Monitoring and Reporting, Soil, Groundwater and Waste Sampling, and LDAR Sampling.  Mr. Dean is also a certified sampling technician.


Senior Engineer

Stuart has more than 25 years of Environmental Engineering experience. His field of study at the University of Missouri-Rolla (now Missouri University of Science & Technology) was in Geological Engineering where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree.  Previous industry experience included working as a field engineer and geologist at the Times Beach, Missouri Superfund site.  Stuart has since worked for four national and international consulting firms, during which he has worked on client's sites from a historic Former Refinery (Superfund Site) in New York State to a standby Power Plant adjacent the Oakland Bay in California- and numerous sites in between.  His experience has ranged from complex Superfund (CERCLA) and RCRA sites to a Phase 1 ESA for real estate.  Mr. Klaus has performed as project manager, resident engineer, senior geologist, and technical lead for numerous manufacturing and industrial sites subject to USEPA and KDHE oversight.  Stuart also has experience with SWP3 and SPCC plans and Phase 1/2 ESAs.  At Strata, Mr. Klaus performs as both a Geologist and a Professional Environmental Engineer for the company. He has added his extensive experience in remediation, UIC Class V well compliance and permitting, project management, groundwater modeling, and field investigations for Strata’s clients.    


Field Geologist / GIS Specialist

John is a graduate of University of Kansas with a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Studies.  He is currently completing a graduate certificate in Geospatial Analysis from Emporia State University.  He has experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Analysis, Cartography, Hydrogeology, and Remote Sensing. Mr. Lenherr is a Field Geologist with experience in soil and groundwater site characterization, investigation, and remediation. He has also accumulated experience in SPCC, NPDES, UIC, LPG Storage, and waste management compliance for a variety of industries. 


Senior Geologist & Compliance Project Manager

Kurt is a former state regulator with extensive experience dealing with RCRA Subtitle C and D sites. Mr. Shobe is a Registered Professional Geologist and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, in addition to holding a Master’s Degree. He is a past member of the EPA review board responsible for making determinations and recommendations regarding the statistical procedures and methods contained in the final EPA Statistical Guidance Document, which will be adopted by all states with approved RCRA base programs. His former regulatory duties included the review of statistical plans submitted for all solid and hazardous waste sites in the state of Kansas, as well as the project management of solid and hazardous waste facilities. While in the state regulatory system, Mr. Shobe helped author technical guidance documentations regarding the procedures necessary to complete a facility Sampling and Analysis Plan, and authored the guidance detailing the statistical requirements. 


Director of Geology Services

David has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Friends University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Wichita State University. Mr. Zook has more than 18 years’ experience in the environmental industry including environmental consulting, a geologist for a groundwater management district, and as an environmental scientist for the State of Kansas with the Department of Agriculture - Division of Water Resources. While attending Wichita State University in the 1980’s David worked in the oil and gas field as a geo-technician logging drilling activities in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Mr. Zook has conducted numerous hydrologic investigations for various clients. Mr. Zook has extensive experience in permitting, completing, and testing Class I, II, and III wells. Mr. Zook has experience in groundwater modeling and GIS analysis. Mr. Zook has attained water rights for many clients over the years. He has advised numerous clients on many aspects of water rights. Mr. Zook is a sitting council member for the City of Buhler.