Company History

  • The McPherson, Kansas office moves to Hutchinson, Kansas. 



  • Stone Environmental Engineering, a division of Strata, LLC, is founded in Iowa and operates out of the existing Des Moines office.
  • Strata Monitoring, a division of Strata, LLC, is founded in Wichita, focusing on Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services.
  • GeoStat manages and oversees the drilling and completion of the first horizontal porosity storage well in Iowa history.


  • The Des Moines, Iowa office is moved to a larger space in the metro area to accommodate growth.
  • GeoStat’s headquarters are moved to Wichita, Kansas.
  • The Wichita operations move offices to house the growing corporate team to the current location at 622 East Douglas Avenue.
  • The company is restructured, making GeoStat Environmental a division of Strata, LLC.


  • GeoStat adds an office in Des Moines, Iowa to support growing demand for compliance services in the region.

  • The Wichita, Kansas office moves to a larger location to accommodate growth.


  • The Wichita, Kansas office moves to a larger location to accommodate growth. 


  • GeoStat adds an office in Wichita, Kansas to support groundwater investigation and remediation efforts at the Furley Landfill located northeast of Wichita.


  • GeoStat begins providing air permitting and compliance services which include NSPS and NESHAP reporting, construction and operating permit application preparation, operating permit renewals, implementation of new regulatory requirements and the required monitoring systems, and applicability determinations.


  • GeoStat adds environmental services for a growing list of clients, completing groundwater investigations and remediation for private industry and regulatory agencies. These include work at Subtitle D Landfills, Underground Storage Tank (KDHE LUST Program), Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), and RCRA Investigations. The investigations include development of initial work plans, groundwater sampling, completion of monitoring wells, statistical analysis, and reporting of results.
  • GeoStat begins work in the area of Underground Injection Control (UIC) permitting and compliance services, including management of underground hydrocarbon salt storage cavern compliance testing and workovers. 
  • GeoStat begins providing general compliance management services to manufacturing and chemical industries, including environmental management system development, regulatory reporting, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) monitoring, and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans, and stormwater plan development.
  • GeoStat moves to a larger office space in McPherson, Kansas.

Early 2000’s

  • GeoStat Environmental, LLC is founded in McPherson, Kansas by a former regulator from the KDHE’s Bureau of Waste Management.  GeoStat’s roots are established by performing geostatistical analyses of landfill groundwater monitoring data and by providing groundwater contamination investigation services.
  • Consulting services are soon added which included field work plans for the installation of groundwater monitoring well networks, technical oversight of well installation and completion, groundwater sampling, and regulatory and corporate reporting.