Compliance Team


Professional Geologist & Senior Project Manager

Kirk has more than 20 years of geotechnical, environmental, and compliance experience as a consultant, regulator, and an EHS team member in a manufacturing environment.  Mr. Boulanger is a Registered Professional Geologist with extensive experience in soil and groundwater site characterization, investigation and remediation. Regulatory experience includes policy development and management of RCRA Subtitle C and D sites in Kansas.  Mr. Boulanger has accumulated experience in SPCC, NPDES, air compliance, waste management, environmental management systems, safety programs, and various production and manufacturing processes in a variety of industries.   



Laura has more than 20 years of technical, environmental, and management experience. She is a graduate of Friends University with a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry. As a former Environmental and Safety Compliance Manager of both Chemical and Gas facilities and as an Environmental Consultant she has accumulated extensive experience in management systems, program management, technical tool development, regulatory analysis, permitting, reporting, and agency and community communications.

Gary Douglas, P.E.



Zach has over 7 years of technical, environmental, and management experience. He is a graduate of Wichita State University with a Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry and is currently completing a degree in chemical engineering at the University of North Dakota. Mr. Faber experience includes air compliance management and permitting, leak detection and repair (LDAR) program development and management, chemical hazard communication program development, groundwater exploration and sampling, SPCC, SWP3, chemical compatibility and inventories, waste management, environmental management system development, ISO 14001 implementation and management, CEMS compliance, NSPS and MACT compliance and reporting, PSM and RMP auditing, Phase I property investigations, and UIC permitting and compliance. Mr. Faber has managed and developed environmental compliance systems at ethanol, salt, grain processing, nitrogenous fertilizer, aluminum, paint coating, and LPG.

Sally Kaiser 

Environmental Engineer

Sally Kaiser is a graduate of Montana Tech with a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering. Ms. Kaiser brings over 17 years of increasingly responsible experience in the field of environmental services in both the private and consulting sectors supporting industry efforts to comply with complex environmental regulations. Throughout her career, she has a demonstrated track record of success in both industry and consulting.  Ms. Kaiser has worked in the mining industry and supported others in the energy sector meeting challenging air, water, and waste regulations. As a result, she has developed a deep understanding and familiarity with both federal and the State of Utah regulatory programs. As a consultant, Ms. Kaiser has worked with various clients from rubber manufacturers, to food industry, hard rock mining, sand/gravel operations, dry cleaners, welding/metal manufacturers, RCRA facilities, and Superfund sites. She has worked with clients throughout the western United States and in South America. While working in industry as the Environmental Manager at a large gold mine, Ms. Kaiser was responsible for keeping the facility in compliance with all environmental regulations from State, Federal, and County. She is well versed with EPA regulations, MSHA, OSHA, and most State Regulations. Additionally, Ms. Kaiser also has experience with research from ore and waste for mining sites to health and safety for children.


Senior Compliance Project Manager 

Denise has over 20 years of technical, environmental, and management experience. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering with Petroleum Option. Serving 10 years as the Environmental and Safety Manager of a medium sized chemical manufacturing facility, she has developed broad experience in all aspects of environmental and safety compliance and management systems.  She is particularly skilled at Clean Air Act related projects such as air permitting, emission inventories, and applicability determinations. Ms. Ober excellent technical, engineering, computer, interpersonal, and communications skills have proven invaluable in relation to her consulting projects. 


Compliance Specialist

Dale has dual Master Degrees in Industrial Chemistry and Geology. He has extensive experience in laboratory management and analytical methods, chemical inventory and chemical mixing plans, quality management, ISO standards implementation and auditing, Hazcom standards, Process Safety Management, environmental monitoring and waste management. Mr. Stelz has written numerous publications and holds a U.S. Patent related to refrigerant leak detection. 


Air Compliance Specialist

Kiru has a Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree and a Master in Environmental Engineering at Oklahoma State University and is currently completing a Masters in Environmental Management. He has more than 8 years of experience with environmental air quality compliance. Mr. Vyravan has managed more than 25 projects and has written hundreds of stack test reports for power utilities, oil and gas industries, chemical manufacturing, glass manufacturing, and incinerators. He also is very experienced in the development of permit application materials and managed permit compliance for Title V major, PSD major, and synthetic minor sites.

Michael D. Wright, MPH


Michael has over 35 years of technical, project and program management experience in the environmental field.  He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor Degree in Zoology and a Master Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Public Health with an emphasis in Environmental Health.  He worked for the Tulsa City County Health Department for 13 years as Manager of the Water Quality, Solid and Hazardous Waste Program.  He was also a member of the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team during that time.  He has been in the environmental consulting industry since 1990 where he has supported oil and gas, aviation, agrichemical and numerous other industries with their most challenging environmental compliance issues.