Company Profile


Strata, LLC (formerly known as GeoStat Environmental) provides a full range of professional environmental, compliance, engineering, and technical services nationwide, serving heavy industrial, commercial, and public and private sector clients since 1997.  We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to any project.  Our specialty is in creating a tailored approach for compliance management systems which is implemented by a team with experience as EHS managers, regulators, and stack testers in a variety of industries.   
From daily compliance and regulatory support to project management during major construction projects to plant turn-arounds – we understand the issues.  We know your situation.  With a focus on partnerships and collaboration, our goal is to understand your unique challenges, communicate alternatives, and proactively provide economical solutions that meet your needs.  We will help you thrive.  
Each client and every situation is unique which is why we are continuously diversifying our resources in order to provide you the most custom solution possible.  For our clients, a Strata custom solution means a stress-free, seamless answer to all your compliance and environmental needs.   
With our project management team and experienced technical staff, Strata can offer a team of qualified and knowledgeable project professionals with direct management and compliance experience in your areas of focus.  Our team is well versed in all environmental media including Air, Water, Waste, and Chemical Management.   


Beyond our internal team’s abilities, a number of partnering agreements have been developed with local and national environmental and engineering firms as well as independent contractors/consultants to ensure that the best professional team is developed and dedicated to each of our clients.  By utilizing these resources, can offer the highest level of professional service at a very competitive cost level.   

Strata goes to great lengths to maintain the quality of our work, even when a Strata partner is used to complete a task.  All partners have gone through a pre-qualification screening and reference checks to ensure their experience and qualifications.  These partnerships create an increased depth of talent and more geographically diverse resource locations which brings a greater capacity for providing our clients with practical, cost-effective solutions. 


Through Strata’s project experience, we have established relationships and direct experience working with federal and state regulators, including the EPA.  The Strata team of professionals understands that effective management of any environmental project is dependent upon working effectively with the regulatory agency. 


With our extensive compliance experience, we have developed a compliance Backstop System which we use to provide support to our clients when and how they need it most. Strata has established a reputation for being a dependable and consistent resource by developing strong partnerships with the team at each client site.  As a result, we don’t just serve as a consultant who stays at the periphery; we develop solutions and systems and become a part of the compliance team at each facility. 
As a client you have the guarantee that every aspect of the job is being reviewed by an experienced and senior team member, who actually cares about your company.  By working with Strata you will get dependable, practical and candid service paired with high-level technical precision.  
We will get you in compliance.  And keep you there.  Let us be your backstop.