Clean Water Act Compliance


Whether it is used for play, consumption or processing, water is a critical resource for everyone.  As a result, protection of water quality involves quite a bit of work and continual oversight and improvement.  Let Strata’s team of engineers, geologists, and technical professionals become your Clean Water Act Compliance Backstop.


From Disposal Wells to Wastewater Outfalls, Strata can help you determine the best solution for the wastewater you generate and get the application necessary to get it done.  


Regular sampling and reporting of compliance with wastewater regulations is a certain requirement that can take a lot of time from facility staff.   


Responsible for obtaining your own water?  Strata can help you procure the rights to the water you need and get you the water well you need. 


With the recent finalization of updates to the SPCC regulations, you may need help refreshing your oil spill prevention plan.  With certified Professional Engineers to approve your plan and a team of compliance professionals with years of SPCC compliance experience, Strata can help ensure your facility is in compliance with today’s regulations.  


With a history of implementing effective erosion controls and quick permit turnaround, Strata can help you get the permits and approvals necessary to begin breaking ground at your new site